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Tint My Windows Perth

Commercial and Office Window Tinting for Perth, WA

Add a layer of protection with window tinting from Tint My Windows Perth. Commercial tinting offers many great benefits to your business or office.

Looking for something to help your business stand out when people drive past? A layer of window tint over that naked glass is just what you need, simply fill out the quote form to the right of this page and you’ll be well on your way. Not only does the tint make your business look more professional but has a range of other benefits which we have listed below for your convenience.

Protection With Added Security:

Whether you are looking to tint your office or commercial premises a film of tint has the added value of keeping eyes away from areas of your store or private meeting rooms. Not only that but if a window gets smashed from a angered employee or customer. Let’s be honest it’s more likely from a game of office cricket that will do it but even so the tint helps to keep everything together…even if your staff can’t. There are the same benefits to tinting your car windows as well.

Stop UV Rays:

You have worked hard to get your store all set up so don’t let the sun damage your goods. Tinting your windows prevents UV from getting through the glass and protects the longevity of your store/products/office furniture.

Keep it Cool:

Minimise the stress in your office by stopping the scorching summer heat from raising the temperature. Here at Tint My Windows Perth we know the extra stress the heat can have on a work environment. Simply fill out the quote form on the right and lets see how we can help you.

Minimise Costs:

What a lot of people don’t realise is that tinting you office or commercial windows can help save you money. Yep that’s right you read that correctly. You won’t have to run that air conditioner throughout the entire summer. Tinting windows reduces the amount of heat in the building and reduces the dollars leaving your pocket.

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With so many benefits what are you waiting for? Let the crew at Tint My Windows Perth bring out the best in your business.