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Home Window Tinting Perth

Home window tinting is a fantastic way to reduce glare and heat in your home. For a quick and easy quote to tint your home contact us today!


Tired of getting that morning sun cooking your eggs in the morning instead of your frying pan? Constantly having to wear sunglasses inside? Or maybe you live near a busy street and would like a little more privacy? There are many reasons people want to apply window tint their homes and a lot of benefits.

UV Reduction: Keep those harmful UV rays at bay! Home window tinting reduces the amount of UV that is able to enter your home. This protects your furniture and other prized belongings from fading as well as protecting your skin. Learn more here.

Heat Reduction: One of the main reasons people get their homes tinted. Home window tinting can drop the inside temperature which is a nice feature to have in those hot Perth summers. Let the team at Tint My Windows Perth do all of the sweating for you now so that you don’t have to later.

Privacy/Security: Keep your valuables safe and out of sight with some tint on your home windows. Your house should be a safe haven for you and your belongings and window tint can prevent people from the outside seeing in. It also adds another level of security as window tint can act like a giant piece of tape and keep the shards of a window together in the unfortunate event that one does get broken. We have all had a stray soccer ball just hit a little too close to home.

Minimise Glare: Sometimes the morning/afternoon sun can make things at home a bit bright. Not only does a film of window tint reduce heat and UV but it also helps to minimise glare. It’s like your house wearing a pair of sunglasses, so you don’t have to.

Saves you Money: Sure, it’s going to cost some money to have your home windows tinted however so does running your air con constantly to keep out the heat. And as much we hate it when it comes to our summer cooling, Perth locals can rack up high energy bills. Allow us to not only reduce the heat but your bills as well.
What ever your reasons the tinting technicians at Tint My Windows Perth have got the knowledge and professionalism to get your home tinted to meet your needs. Getting a free quote
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